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Sholom Preschool is affiliated with Temple Beth Sholom of the East Valley in Chandler, AZ

Sholom Preschool opened in 2005 with the sole purpose of providing the best preschool experience possible for each child that attends. Your child is special and should be treated that way. Success with young children is based on the trust between the teacher and the child. Once that relationship is developed, anything is possible. Sholom Preschool partners with you, the parent or care-giver, in developing your child to be the best he or she can be.

A full range of diverse activities allow for individual learning differences. The child-centered classrooms, learning materials, art supplies, and outdoor play area engage our students participation in both structured and unstructured activities. Sholom Preschool is a place that you can trust to work in your child’s best interest and where kindness and respect are demonstrated each day.


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